Keep winning with Jackpot Casino’s daily cashback!

In casino games, you win some and you lose some. But even on days when you lose, Jackpot Casino will still have good fortune going your way with the online casino cashback bonus. After all, there’s nothing better than getting extra funds that you can use to play more and win more to your heart’s content. 

Find out how our daily cashback works and how to maximise them here at Jackpot Casino South Africa. 

What is online casino cashback?

Online casino cashback is a cash refund wherein a part of the money you lost can be earned back when you qualify. Jackpot Casino allows you to claim a percentage of the loss based on a set of percentages that can be applied to the total amount of loss for the day.

It is then allocated automatically back to your balance the following day. Moreover, when you play daily between 8 PM and 10 PM you can get back as much as 25% of your losses if you qualify. 

What’s more, you don’t need to opt-in to Jackpot Casino’s cashback bonus! Just play your favourite games during the daily cashback happy hours so you can claim back some of the money you lost.

It’s not a total loss at Jackpot Casino when you play during daily cashback happy hours. You get the chance to earn back what you lost so you can have the funds to play more games. Elevate your casino experience, knowing that you can claim online casino cashback every day of the week!


Differences between regular casino bonuses and cashback

There are many kinds of bonuses and rewards that you can win and earn at Jackpot Casino. Some of them are automatically rewarded without any requirement, others are earned when you meet the conditions of the bonus offer. Find out how they differ from online casino cashback below.

Welcome Bonus
The Welcome Bonus is Jackpot Casino’s way of greeting you into the world of online casino games. After all, you need to get started on the right track to building your wins. It includes bonus deposit coupons that triple your deposit amount together with 50 free spins.

The welcome bonus has no wagering requirement and is valid for 72 hours after it is redeemed. This means that it is always 100% no wagering on any casino game that you play here at Jackpot Casino.

Deposit Bonus
On the other hand, the Deposit Bonus is a percentage allocation that will depend on the current promotion offered by Jackpot Casino. It is non-cashable and the maximum amount that can be awarded is R10,000.
Free Spins
Another Jackpot Casino bonus is Free Spins. This bonus is often included in the Welcome Bonus or Jackpot Casino’s featured game of the week if you qualify for it. Any winnings from the free spins will be allocated to your bonus balance which is non-cashable.
Jackpot Happy Hour
Jackpot Happy Hour adds more to your winnings when you play between 8 PM and 10 PM. This cash bonus offer is something you can look forward to every day of the week where you can win as much as R50,000 in cash giveaways on top of your winnings.

Moreover, the system has a lucky draw during the cashback happy hours as an incentive to loyal players. The following daily cash prizes are cashable and rewarded to the winners:

-1 winner of R10,000
-5 winners of R5,000
-10 winners of R1,000
-25 winners of R500
-50 winners of R100.

How Jackpot Casino’s daily cashback works

The daily cashback happy hours are from 6 PM to 8 PM daily. Within this timeframe, you are eligible for cashback on your losses which can be as much as 25% of your total bets. 

To qualify, you must have a deposit of at least R1,000 into your Jackpot Casino account in the previous week. You must also have no pending withdrawals on the system and your available balance must be under R100. How much you can earn back will depend on the following percentages:

  • You can claim 10% cashback for losses of R1 to R5,000
  • You can claim 15% cashback for losses of R5,001 to R10,000
  • You can claim 20% cashback for losses of R10,001 to R25,000
  • You can claim 25% cashback for losses of R25,001 and more.
How to apply the percentage rule
For example, you played for two hours or any time between 6 pm and 8 pm and you lost R7,000. You can be eligible for a 15% cashback claim on your losses which means R1,050 can be paid back into your Jackpot account.
How to claim your daily cashback
When you meet the conditions for the online casino cashback, the system will automatically allocate the amount based on the percentage you are qualified for. It is transferred back to your Jackpot account by 10 AM the following day.
Who can qualify for daily cashback
Everybody who plays during the Jackpot daily cashback hours qualifies. This is the type of bonus that does not require you to opt-in to be eligible because the system will automatically check your games every day during the cashback happy hours. If all conditions are met, then you can successfully claim the applicable allocation.
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Advantages of online casino cashback

One of the rewards that online casino players look forward to are cashback bonuses wherein the bonus is something they can earn while they play. It’s also a great incentive to regular players when they can play during cashback happy hours, something that happens on a daily schedule at Jackpot Casino. 

It’s not just cash that is the good thing about cashback, it also comes with other advantages. Check them out below:

Recover part of your bets
During days when your game just does not seem to work, you still have a reason to play and have fun, knowing you still have a chance to claim your daily cashback. It’s never a total loss at Jackpot Casino when you have daily cashback happy hours to stay in the game!
Automatic allocation
Jackpot Casino’s state-of-the-art casino gaming system does all the work for you. It has all the logs of your games and will do the process of qualifying you to see if the time and the bet amounts will be eligible for cashback. There is no need for you to notify the casino or submit any form because everything is in the system.
Daily cashback for loyal players
Most loyal casino players play a lot of live casino games because they play for the winnings. They prefer higher value plays and as a result, the daily cashback bonus benefits them immensely. However, normal value plays might not work well for them as they do not get the return they enjoy.

Cashback bonuses with better limits for high rollers mean that they may receive a higher percentage of their money back, or they might have a higher cash limit of what they can get as a return.

As they play along with the milestones that Jackpot Casino sets for them, they benefit from extra cash in the cashback to progress more and also get to enjoy the benefits given by the loyalty program, leaderboard promotion or any other system Jackpot Casino has in place!

What to look out for in cashback bonus offers

Just like any reward system, you have to be aware of several things that can disqualify you or deprive you of the opportunity for cashback. You need to make sure you understand the following conditions to qualify.

As part of management discretion, eligibility for any cashback bonus may change from time to time. It is good practice to always check the rules first or any qualifying condition that may need you to do something first to be considered eligible.

In some cases, you may have already been awarded the cashback but certain rules may have been revised which may cause your bonus to be invalid.

For example, all regular bonuses are valid for seven days. You have successfully claimed your cashback, but then it gets added to the bonus balance. This means the seven days validity period now applies.

Qualifying deposit amount
There is a qualifying amount that is important to successfully claim cashback. You should have a deposit amount of R1,000 in your Jackpot account from the previous week. In addition to that, you also must not have any pending withdrawals from your Jackpot Casino cash wallet.
Maximum cashback offer
There is a cap to the amount you can claim for cashback. No matter how big your Jackpot balance is, the largest percentage you can go for is 25% of the total amount. This cutoff applies to losses starting at R25,000.
Cashback schedule
One of the simplest things you can do to qualify is to play your favourite casino games at the right time. The best thing about Jackpot Casino’s cashback bonus is that you can take advantage of it every day of the week.

You just need to time your casino games right for two hours in the evening from 6 PM to 8 PM. It is a daily chance to earn this reward for being a loyal player!

Promotions page
You will find all the rewards and incentives offered by Jackpot Casino on the Promotions page. It is a centralised page for all current promotions on bonuses, cashback, free spins and feature games promotions.
Terms and conditions for cashback offers
It is a good idea to visit the help centre and the terms and conditions page of Jackpot Casino. The help centre link can be found on the main menu and also at the bottom of the home page. The page includes answers to frequently asked questions about bonuses and promotions.

Moreover, the link for the terms and conditions can be found on the bottom menu of the home page. The page contains more specific details on the rules of promotions.

For example, it is stated there that in the event of misuse or abuse of promotions, Jackpot Casino has the right to reverse or void any bonus offers. Your winnings can also be blocked and in extreme cases even close your account.

Jackpot Casino may come out with extensive bonuses from time to time. It is especially a good time to look out for marketing campaigns sent to your email or your account profile. These special bonuses will not be available on the site but through the campaign only.

Please make sure that you read and understand each bonus term before using any bonus to avoid misunderstandings.

You also need to check before you accept any cashback bonus that the reward will not affect your eligibility for other online casino bonuses. Sometimes there may be conditions applicable to you that Jackpot Casino has made you aware of in an email or on your account profile.


Don’t miss out on a day of winning with online casino cashback!

There is nothing to spoil the fun in playing Jackpot Casino games during cashback happy hours now that you don’t have to worry about losing! Whether luck is on your side or not, you can earn Jackpot Casino’s daily cashback and get the chance to go at it again for more wins. 

Jackpot Daily Cashback Happy Hours are there every day of the week between 6 PM and 8 PM for you to take advantage of. Play your favourite games to build your cashback earnings and get as much as 25% of your losses back for more unforgettable fun!

Experience the excitement of rewarding gameplay and the thrill of going for the big wins while building cashback money here at Jackpot Casino South Africa.

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