Win more with the different online casino bonuses!

One of the many advantages of playing in an online casino is the different bonuses and promotions players can unlock. These rewards can be used by the players to their advantage to increase their chances of taking home huge prizes! 

Giving out bonuses is a way for casinos to give players motivation to come back to play again. These incentives vary from casino to casino. Here at Jackpot Casino, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take home rewarding bonuses. Regardless of the bonus and rewards that you will be eligible to use, one thing’s for sure, they will help you take home massive wins that will make your gameplay more worthwhile. 

So, if you’re ready to make playing your favourite casino games more exciting, learn how you can maximize your bonuses here at Jackpot Casino South Africa! 

What are online casino bonuses?

Bonuses are granted to the players by the casino they’re using. These special incentives are given to the players to encourage them to keep using the site, while also rewarding them with free spins, signup bonuses and other perks they can use to play.

Depending on the casino site you’re using, there are several kinds of perks available for players. Knowing these incentives and how they work can help you maximize them to take home massive wins and make the most of your gaming experience. 

Here are some of the most common types of bonuses that you will see in online casinos are:

Welcome bonus
A welcome bonus is one of the common types of casino perks you can encounter. Usually, this type of bonus is granted to new players in the form of 1st deposit or sign up bonus. A 100% will be matched up to the deposit of the player. However, the amount varies per casino.
No Deposit bonus
No Deposit bonus is offered by online casinos that enable players to play their games without depositing their own money. This incentive is perfect for first-time players who want to familiarize themselves with casino games first before playing for real money.
Free spins
Free Spins is one of the most popular bonuses that is usually offered for slot games. However, this kind of perk comes with a wagering requirement that players need to fulfill before they can claim it.

Bonuses available at Jackpot casino

The best thing about Jackpot Casino is that it holds several promotions every single week! That means that you have more chances to be eligible for these bonuses. To find the promotions currently available, you can visit the promotions page on the site.

The promotions page can be accessed in two ways. One is by scrolling down at the bottom of the page and clicking on the promotions link under the casino section.

Another way to access them is by clicking on the three horizontal lines found on the upper left corner of the screen right beside the button that says ‘jackpot’. Once you click this, it will open a drawer and it will show you several categories such as the promotions button, go ahead and click it and you will be redirected to the page.

Reap bigger winnings through these bonuses available at Jackpot Casino

Now that you’ve learned the basics of online casino bonuses in general, it’s time to introduce you to the variety of promotions available here at Jackpot Casino! These different bonuses will help you reel in the biggest winnings possible:

Welcome Package
If you love playing online casino games, then you’ll certainly enjoy the daily cashback bonus of Jackpot Casino. This promotion ensures players can still take home payouts even if they don’t win the jackpot prize.

To do this, all you have to do is play between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM every day! You will automatically be eligible to claim up to 25% Cashback on any losses that you have made while playing online casino games.

The percentage of cashback that a player receives will depend on how much they have deposited and wagered in the previous week. To help you understand better, here are the corresponding percentages of cashback players can receive:

-For losses of R1 – R5,000, you can claim 10% Cashback
-For losses of R5,001 to R10,000, you can claim 15% Cashback
-For losses of R10,001 to R25,000, you can claim 20% Cashback
-For losses of R25,001 and more, you can claim 25% Cashback.

Let’s say luck is not on your side at that time and you lost R6,100, if you were playing at around 6 to 8 PM, you can claim 15% Cashback which is R915.00.

Take note that you will only be able to claim your cashback if you qualify for these three incentives:

-Your available balance must be under R100
-You must have no pending withdrawals
-You must have deposited at least R1,000 into your Jackpot account the previous week.

Make sure that you can meet these qualifications so that you can receive your cashback in your Jackpot account at 10 AM, the next day.

How do bonuses work?
Online casino bonuses are offered to the players without any charge at all. They are used to enhance your gaming experience by increasing your chances of winning. With Jackpot Casino, there are various bonuses available that each plays a different role for the players.

The free spins act as a way for players to try out any slot game that they want on the site without wagering on anything. This lets them experience the fun and excitement of each title offered at the site while giving a low risk and high reward opportunity.

The welcome package, which also includes 50 free spins and deposit coupons, allows the players to win big at their first couple of games. This motivates the players and encourages them to keep playing the different games on the site.

The daily cashback, They act as cushioning for the players who might not have luck on their side that day. Usually, this bonus is awarded to the players who are actively playing on the site. The more you play, the higher chances of you getting several incentives.

How do players redeem the coupons?
Before you can redeem any coupons, you have to check first if you have any on the promotions page. The site can also send you alerts notifying you of the bonuses that are available to you.

Once you find the incentives you’re eligible to use, head over to your account profile located in the upper right corner of your screen and choose the ‘redeem coupon’ option.

When does a bonus expire?
It varies depending on the promotion. The usual bonuses expire after seven days but with the welcome bonus, it’s only valid for 3 days or 72 hours after you redeem it. Make sure to use these different rewards immediately so they won’t go to waste!
How to qualify for the different bonuses?
Qualifying for the different rewards may vary. For the welcome package, you will be automatically eligible for it once you sign up just make sure to use the fifty free spins within three days.

For the cashback happy hour, the player should fit the following qualifications to claim their cashbacks:

-Your available balance must be under R100
-You must have no pending withdrawals
-You must have deposited at least R1,000 into your Jackpot account the previous week.

Are the bonus credits transferred to the account of the players withdrawable?
The bonus credits transferred to the player’s account cannot be cashed out. These must be used to place bets on the different games offered at the site. If not used within seven days, these bonuses will be forfeited.
Are there countries that are not eligible for these bonuses?
Yes, these countries are Lesotho, Botswana and Switzerland. Other than bonuses, they also won’t be able to join VIP clubs.
How can a player know if they have received the bonus already?
Once the bonus or coupon has been redeemed and the player has made their deposit, the bonus will instantly be added to their account. This will then remain in their account until 30 days.
How many times can a player claim a single bonus?
A single bonus can only be claimed once by a player, individual or household. The casino has the right to freeze any account or confiscate any winnings if they notice a player opening multiple accounts to claim a single bonus.
Can 100% deposit bonuses be used in all of the games on the site?
All of the 100% deposit bonuses are only eligible for slot games only. Other titles such as table and live casino games won’t be able to use these types of bonuses. Also, keep in mind that progressive games won’t be entitled to bonuses.
Can bonuses be reversed by Jackpot Casino?
Jackpot Casino has to take back any bonuses that they have rewarded once they see that the players disobey the rules. Some players try to manipulate the games on the site and once they get caught all of their winnings will be forfeited.

Jackpot Casino also can see if your activity in other online casinos is abusive. So make sure to play fair and clean to ensure that you will keep all of your winnings!

Any bonus that gives free money to the players does not require any deposits. These bonuses include the following:

-Loyalty bonus
-VIP bonus
-Comp points
-Competition prizes
-Tournament winnings
-Compensation bonus
-Birthday bonus
-Inconvenience bonus.

Discover different rewards and bonuses you can use to your advantage here at Jackpot Casino. Win as you play but earn bigger prizes when you claim the best online casino bonuses! Cashbacks, deposit bonuses, free spins—all of these are waiting for you here at Jackpot Casino South Africa, so hurry and sign up now!

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